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Elder Yang - Man of True Faith

February 12th was the first anniversary of our founder, Elder Yang’s passing.

Although we mourn Elder Yang’s loss, we rejoice in how God was able to use his childlike faith and obedience to establish a vibrant ministry in Kyrgyzstan.

He trusted God to supply every need and nothing would dissuade him from the mission God had assigned to him. Elder Yang’s vision and passion to help the children of Kyrgyzstan to know Christ’s love is being carried out today by faithful local workers,

the CASA board, and missionaries.

Children, who had never heard of Jesus, now trust in the Savior. Hundreds of graduates are now contributing members of society and many are believers, with the capacity to share Christ with their fellow countrymen. Some even returned to work at the foundation and schools. Since Elder Yang’s passing, donations have decreased, resulting in deep cuts in budgets and staff. We would like to see this ministry continue. In memory of Elder Yang, would you consider giving a donation or increasing your current giving? $700 sponsors a student for a year, $1380 sponsors an orphan for a year.

Any amount you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration, The CASA Board of Directors and Mrs. Yuen C.Yang

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