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God's Work in One Boy's Life - Testimony

Testimony of Maxim Ribalchenko.

"I was born in 1996 in Russia. When I was about 5, my family moved to Kyrgyzstan and stayed in the city of Kara-Balta. My parents got divorced and I was raised by my mother and a grandmother. We were poor and that was the reason my family sent me to study in this Christian school because it was for the poor. The day my mother brought me here, she was told that there were no vacancies. Surprisingly, they eventually took me in. I was just like the other boys and girls who studied with me. I wasn't remarkable in any way. I didn't have extraordinary grades and skills in any class, sports or anything else. I have heard the Gospel being preached at school many times and God opened my heart when I was in the 9th grade. Before that moment, I didn't belong to Jesus. Now I believe that God had been knocking on my heart's door since my childhood and I responded to Him when I entered high school. I started to go to church. God revealed Himself to me more and more. By the end of my 11th year at school, I realized that the only meaning this life has is to live for God and serve Him. After graduating from high school, I went to a professional college. At the same time, I decided to take an online course in seminary because I really wanted to serve at my church. Recently God gave me another miracle. He gave me an opportunity to work at my school as a computer skills teacher. When I attended Kara Balta, I didn’t think it would be possible for me to even get a job there! I am so thankful for the Kara Balta School and for all the people who helped me find Jesus and understand His love, and, His sacrifice on the cross. I am so grateful that I can be useful to those who are studying in our school. As I look back at the years of studying at this wonderful school, and now working here, I can see God's caring and loving hand leading me through.

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