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Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Dear CASA supporters,

Hope you and your family are having a blessed autumn and we wish you a happy Thanksgiving! We are so grateful for your faithful and generous support of CASA, especially through this transitional year.

In June of this year, GLEC (Global Life Enrichment Center) of Irvine, California, began overseeing the CASA office in Rockford, IL and the MCCF Foundation in Kyrgyzstan. The CASA office continues to operate according to the vision of its founder, Elder Chia S. Yang, and under the guidance of GLEC. As we approach the end of the year giving, if you would like to continue supporting the CASA ministry, I would like to ask you to begin redirecting your CASA support to the GLEC office at your earliest convenience. The GLEC office has been helping CASA with our bookkeeping and will continue to do so. By sending your donations directly to their office, it will help streamline the donation process. You will still receive an acknowledgment of your donation and a receipt at the end of the year for your tax records. Moving forward into 2022, we would like all the support to be made payable to GLEC, with a designation for CASA support, to avoid any confusion.

Please make your check payable to: GLEC

Please send your future support to: GLEC, 16371 Scientific Way, Irvine, CA 92618

with a designation on the memo line: CASA Children Education (operation of schools)

or a designate on the memo line: CASA Sponsorship (sponsorship of students)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call Esther at our CASA Office at; (779) -774-3271. We are grateful for GLEC’s partnership with CASA and we hope you will continue to partner with us in prayer and support as we enter our 22nd year of ministry in Kyrgyzstan.


希望你和你的家人有一個蒙福的秋天,我們祝你感恩節快樂! 我們非常感謝您對CASA的忠誠與慷慨的支援,特別是在這個過渡轉接的年度中。

今年6月,在加州爾灣市的GLEC(普世豐盛生命中心)開始監督位於伊利諾伊州羅克福德的CASA辦公室和位於吉爾吉斯斯坦的MCCF基金會。這個CASA辦公室繼續的遵照其創始人楊嘉善長老的願景,並在GLEC的指導下運作。 當我們接近年終的奉獻之時,如果您想繼續支持 CASA 的事工,請您儘早開始將過去對CASA 的支持轉向到GLEC。GLEC 辦公室已經在持續的在協助處理 CASA 賬務,以後也將繼續的處理。當您將奉獻直接寄送到GLEC辦公室,將會有助於簡化捐贈的作業流程。您仍將收到您的捐贈確認和年終稅務記錄的收據。展望2022年,為了避免任何混亂我們希望所有支持奉獻都能支付給GLEC,並指定是為CASA事工。

支票擡頭請寫: GLEC

請將奉獻直接寄到: GLEC, 16371 Scientific Way, Irvine, CA 92618

請在支票memo中注明: CASA Children Education (學校運營)

或是: CASA Sponsorship (資助學生)

如果您有任何問題,請隨時以電郵或電話與CASA 辦公室Esther聯係:; (779) -774-3271。我們感謝GLEC與CASA的合作,我們更盼望在進入吉爾吉斯斯坦的第22個年頭時,你們將繼續做我們的夥伴,與我們合作,以禱告與奉獻支持我們。

In this month of Thanksgiving, our CASA board would like to thank you for your love, prayers and support. We pray God’s blessings on you and your family. God has provided, nourished, comforted, encouraged, healed, and opened the hearts of many because of your generosity in partnering with us in this ministry. Countless lives have been impacted over the years and we would like to share a testimony from one life that has been impacted through your support, the life of Rodion. We praise God for what He is doing in Rodion’s young life and in the lives of so many other students!

在這個感恩節,我們的CASA董事會要感謝你的愛,禱告和支援。我們祈求上帝祝福你和你的家人。因著你慷慨地與我們在這個事工合作,上帝供應了,祂滋養,安慰,鼓勵,醫治,並打開了許多人的心。這些年來,無數人的生命受到了影響,在這裏想分享一個透過你的支援,而受到影響的生命的見證 - “Rodion的生命”。我們讚美神在羅迪翁的年輕生命中和許多其他學生的生命中所做的一切!

The following is a testimony of a student of Kara-Balta Christian Orphanage, Rodion Vasilets

At the orphanage, I finally felt love and care”

"My mother was abusing alcohol for as long as I can remember her. Alcohol abuse and my mother’s age of 40 years caused preterm birth, so I was born with perinatal damage to the nervous system. From the moment of my birth my biological father refused to take responsibility for me. After a while my mother was deprived of parental rights due to her immoral behavior. My older brothers Maksim and Danil were sent to the orphanage. They are graduates of the Christian orphanage now.

I was six when my mother died, and I was sent to the city orphanage. Living conditions at the orphanage were not good, so my aunt (my father’s sister) decided to take me out. She had her own family. In the beginning everything was fine and they were happy to have me, but later on I didn’t feel like I was loved or needed. My aunt was busy working around the clock, and her husband didn’t take care of me. I was on my own. I spent days playing around and having meals at the neighbor’s houses. I went to school at the age of 7. Unfortunately, there was no one involved in my education process, so I struggled a lot with it. As a result, I was always behind my classmates who could already read and write. Soon my aunt realized that she couldn’t handle the responsibility, so she put me back in the orphanage.

November 11 of 2020 I was sent to the Christian orphanage. It was hard to get used to my new life, and I had to study hard. I tried to behave like everything was good and show the best sides of myself, but the things that happened in the past followed me. Sometimes I was terrified and had mood swings. Gradually I got used to life with this big family called “orphanage”. I finally felt love and care. The Christian orphanage gave me the opportunity to heal my short but broken life. Prayers, worship and everything I get here helps me to grow spiritually and live a stable life. I began attending classes steadily and learned many new and interesting things. Moreover, I felt my little heart opening up to God, and I began to pray on my own. My life has been totally changed through the ministry and care I get at the orphanage. I got an opportunity to get to know God fully and to be safe with Him. I am still learning more about God, but I believe that He will heal my wounded heart and direct me in the right place in life."





2020年11月11日,我被送到基督教孤兒院。我很難適應這個新生活,而我必須努力學習。我試著表現得好像一切都很好, 總是讓人看到自己最好的一面, 但過去所發生的事情常隨著我。有時使我驚恐,情緒波動。漸漸地,我習慣了這個被稱為"孤兒院"的大家庭的生活。我終於感受到了愛和關懷。基督教孤兒院給了我機會來治癒我短暫但破碎的生命。祈禱,崇拜以及我在這裡所得到的一切幫助了我在靈裏的成長,過著穩定的生活。我開始穩步上課,學到了許多新事物和有趣的東西。此外,我覺得我的小心靈向上帝敞開心扉,我開始自己祈禱。透過在孤兒院這樣的服事和照顧,我的生命已經完全改變了。我有機會充分瞭解上帝,在祂裏面就是安全的。我仍在更多地瞭解上帝,但我相信他會治癒我受傷的心靈,引導我的生命走在正路上。"

With Grateful Hearts

We, at CASA/GLEC, are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors like you, who answer the call to give again and again. We are very grateful for the ways you invested your time and love in the lives of these children, like Rodion.

May God keep you safe and richly bless you and your family this Thanksgiving!

(As a reminder, please send your year-end donations to GLEC, postmarked on or before December 31st to get a receipt for any 2021 US tax deductions.)


我們在CASA/GLEC,不斷受到像你這樣的捐贈者的奉獻和慷慨的鼓舞,你們回應了呼召,一次又一次地給予。我們非常感謝你願意把時間和愛投入到像Rodiion, 這些孩子的生命中。


(在此提醒,請將您的年終捐款,郵戳為 12 月 31 日或之前寄送給 GLEC,以便獲得 2021 年美國所得稅的減稅收據。)


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