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Spring & Summer Newsletter

The 2018-2019 school year has come and gone.

Our students are graduating and moving on to a much-anticipated summer break.

We cannot emphasize enough how thankful we are for each of you that have prayed and contributed to the ministry in order to make this possible.

Our goal has always been to care for, educate and equip these students,

not only with quality education and basic work skills but develop compassion for others with the spirit of generosity so they may give back to their community and country.

Thank you for your prayers, sacrifice, generosity and continued partnership in helping us reach the young people and future generation of Kyrgyzstan.

Here are a few testimonies from children in the community that The Mercy Foundation runs the playground camps on weekends during the winter and every day during the summer in both Tokmok and Kara-Balta. Hundreds of children gather each week to hear the gospel. Did you know that we have a Playground ministry? Many have been touched by this ministry:



She came to the playground to sign up for a craft class. During class, the teacher spoke about God's love and salvation. She listened very carefully and said that she needed Jesus, and she accepted Jesus into her heart. She thanks God for His work and is grateful to all who pray for the projects of the MCCF.



She is 10 years old: “I study in a public school. I was brought to the playground by my friend Katya in the fall of 2018. Tennis, handicraft, and English were the first classes I signed up for. I really liked these classes. I also met with teachers, Lola and Oksana, who are very kind and good people. I gladly go to all the classes and try not to miss any opportunity to study something new. I first heard about Jesus at the Playground during class. I began to read about Him. I like it very much and I want to learn more about Him.”



She is 8 years old: “I study in a public school, and I really like domestic pets. My sister, Yasmina, told me that there is an English class at the Playground, and we went there together. I really liked being there.Before I came to the Playground, I did not know and never heard about Jesus. After the workers shared the Good News with me, I accepted Jesus into my heart and believed in Him. Now I know that He died for us and for all our sins. He brought kindness and peace to my heart. I will obey Him in everything, and I will never do bad things.Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to attend various classes at the Playground for free.”


Our God is a mighty God! It is great to hear what he is doing in the lives of these children. We also want you to hear from some of our staff members. Irina works at the Kemin Boarding school and she shares how God has changed her life.


Irina Gromova

Irina Gromova started working at the boarding school as a building manager at the end of 2018. Before working at the boarding school, Irina had already known about God and read the Holy Bible. Through Bible study groups, she found out more about Jesus Christ, and she began to worship His name. She had more and more questions about her faith over time, and she did her best to find answers. Irina had not been working at the boarding school for very long, yet she had already witnessed miracles that Christ has done in the lives of those who believe in Him. As a result, she contacted the boarding school’s spiritual coordinator and profoundly confessed her sins while accepting Jesus Christ as her personal Savior.

Since then, her Irina Gromova heart has filled with joy and her personal and family life has changed for the better. Her inner world has been transformed, she has found peace in her soul, and her life has become truly happy and meaningful. It was a pleasure for her to attend Sunday church service in Orlovka town. According to Irina, when she started to work at a boarding school, she found peace in her heart and her life changed for the better. Before she accepted Christ, she had a hot temper. But now she makes efforts to discover God’s truth, and she rejoices in His name.


As you can see, God is moving the hearts of many in Kyrgyzstan.

Your support ensures our schools to stay open where the love of Christ is shared. We cannot do it without you. Unfortunately, our financial support has been dwindling and we desperately need your help. The summer season is usually the time to work on renovations and repairs. Below is a list of additional needs we have for 2019-2020. Would you please join us in prayer and consider donating above and beyond what you normally give to help cover these expenses? If you can provide funds for anything on the list, please let us know! Again, we cannot do it without you. We are truly and eternally grateful for your partnership and generous support as we see God’s hand move in this ministry.

God bless you!

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