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But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one. 2 Thessaloni

Julia Romakhova, a graduate of Belovodsk Christian school, has worked at the school since 2013 as a secretary of the director and profile manager. In her younger years, Julia lived a life of deceit and betrayal with a man whom she loved and trusted. Immediately after graduation, Julia married and later gave birth to a wonderful little boy named Nikita. There were big plans for the future: to enter the university, get a job, and have a good home. However, the bright plans quickly collapsed. In the heart of Julia was resentment, and despair crept in. The family she has been dreaming of did not exist. At home, Julia was always left alone with her child in her arms, half-starved, and lived alongside her unfriendly mother-in-law. Her husband was not at home all the time. Soon after the wedding, her husband began to wander, spent time with friends, drink, and later began to beat her. Sometimes she was visited by his "girlfriends", inflicting new wounds on her broken heart. She received indifference from her own relatives saying, "This is your choice ..." All these factors led Julia to despair, unwilling to live. Standing on her knees, holding a little son in her arms, she prayed: "When I was in school, I recognized you as a loving, merciful God, and a just God. Where are you? Can you help me in my situation? “ Not only did Julie tolerate a spiritual battle, she endured physical violence. She began to lose faith in God. Her mother-in-law, who went to church, denied her over and over. Again and again Julia asked God the same question, "So, what kind of God are you?" The only close person who supported Julia was her aging grandmother who helped raise her. After 3 years, Julia had enough. She mustered up all her strength, took her son and left home. Where would she go? To my grandmother’s? That seemed like an unequivocal answer. She did not dream about such a marriage. But God has plans that will lead us to a better road ahead. The three years she was married, Julia asked the question: "What are you, God?" She believed that He was, is, and will be a loving and caring God . He gave her courage, and she grew stronger in spirit and body. Julia entered the Kara-Balta Technological College, got a job at the school and received Jesus Christ as her savior. Upon graduation from the technical school, Julia entered the Faculty of Philology at the Bishkek Humanitarian University. When it was time for her son to choose a school, she wanted him to be in a safe place, among Christians, in hopes that he will know Jesus Christ as his personal savior.

Currently, Julia stands firm on her own because of her love for God, who has been her source of strength and guidance. Her son Nikita is in fourth grade at the Belovodsk Christian School, and Julia finishes her studies at the institute. And with their little family they glorify His Holy Name. In life, Julia’s motto has been from Philippians 4:13, "I can do everything in Christ who strengthens me."

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