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Update on Mrs. Yuen Yang

It is difficult to think that we've had our first Christmas without our founder, Elder Yang and he is dearly missed by many. Our beloved Mrs. Yang has since moved from Rockford, IL to Shanghai, China, to live with her daughter, Sara. She has adjusted to living with them in a high rise, on the 20th floor, overlooking Shanghai. Her health is better and she is walking more in their garden like neighborhood. She has met with most of Elder Yang’s relatives in Shanghai and all of her relatives in Suzhou. She prays daily for family and friends and often listens to teaching CDs, especially Pastor Chou’s from GLE Center. Mrs. Yang would like to thank you all for your support because when you minister to the least amongst us, you do it for Christ (Matt 25:40). She misses the staff, students and just being in the beautiful country of Kyrgyzstan. They are always near and dear to her heart, thoughts and prayers.

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