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Testimonies of God's Healing Work

Joanna Bormotova

Joanna was born on February 28, 2007. She came to study in our school just 2 months ago. Her sister, Lida, who takes care of the girl, decided to make a desperate last try to help her younger sister because she suffered from deep depression. By the time Joanna turned 10 years old she had gone through so much pain, sorrow and humiliation that not every adult could handle it. She was about 6 when her mother died because her kidneys stopped working and she can hardly remember her father. That was the first time she experienced pain. At the funeral Joanna heard the frightening word "orphanage". She understood that she would have been taken away from her family. The second circumstance that shook her mental health was on her way to the orphanage. The girl was fighting, biting and screaming, but the people around her couldn't feel the same pain that was tearing her heart. Joanna and her elder brother were placed in two different orphanages. Lida - their sister, who was at that time was underage, couldn't do anything to help her siblings. Joanna's world became very dark that day. When Lida turned 18 she went through different procedures and services to take her siblings back home but, Joanna still felt broken. In April of 2017 Joanna faced the greatest pain in her childhood. She was cruelly raped by a 40 year old man. The child's heart lost any gleam of light, peace or love. It seemed to her that all the people around her were enemies even in her own family. She became rude, she didn't want to study, and she became such a closed introvert because her soul and mind were filled with rejection. Many specialists, social workers, and psychologists tried to work with her but all in vain. Eventually Lida was recommended to bring her sister to our Christian school. "She will get better there" - they said. Unfortunately Lida herself never heard of Jesus or about His sacrifice and His mercy to each person. The girl has been studying in our school for only 2 months but she already smiles and has made new friends. Joanna feels like she wants to live again and achieve something in life. At the school celebration of "The Bible Day" she recited poems. Jesus Christ touched this girl's heart and told her: "Child, I love you and you are so dear to me". The light of Christ's love lightened Joanna's house. A thick and solid wall of pain, mistrust, disappointment, rejection that surrounded the girl's heart cracked because of the Heavenly Father's holy touch. Praise the Lord!

Irina and Evgeniya

Irina Tachieva is a spiritual coordinator and a teacher at our Kara-Balta Christian school. Here is her testimony: I am so thankful to God for this school and people who work in this field. There were three of us in my family. Our father left us so my mother and grandmother had to raise us alone. I studied at another school and it was time for my younger sister to go to school too. She had a stuttering problem and our financial situation was also not stable. Some of my family's friends recommended that my mother should bring her to this Christian school. While she was studying here, she came to know Christ and she was also healed from stuttering! She began attending a church and joined the ministry. She had been praying for our family for eight years and God answered her prayers in a miraculous way. I believed in Jesus Christ and became a church member. I always dreamed of becoming a teacher and God brought me here. I began working as a teacher, but now I am also as a spiritual coordinator for Kara Balta. My children go to church with me and serve the Lord. If it were not for this Christian school, would I have come to know who God is? I thank God for this miracle and for the people whose hearts answered God's calling. Today we have salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ!" Testimony of Evgeniya Tachieva. Evgeniya Tachieva is a 4th grade student in our Kara-Balta Christian school. She is Irina Tachieva’s daughter. Here is her testimony: I am so grateful to God that a Christian school opened in our city. When my aunt was a student at this school, she came to know God. Because of her prayers, my mom also opened her heart to the Lord and started to attend church. I always dreamed of studying in this school, and my mom also works here. This year my dream came true. My mom returned from a maternity leave and now I am studying at the best school in town. I love God. In this school I can pray, talk about God and learn more about Him. I thank Him for this school and for all the people that He used to open it. It is because of this school, my family and I know Jesus.

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