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Summer camp fun!

Teachers' retreat!

It is finally that time of the year that our students look forward to every year! We try to keep our students engaged even when the school is not in session. There are more camps coming this summer, so stay tuned for more updates. This year we have our camps at the beautiful Issyk Kul lake, on the east side of Kyrgyzstan. Our first camp was only for the teachers of our school and the cost was partially covered by the teachers themselves. It was a great time of retreat and diving into God's word together. The teachers were recharged for the new school year and had a great opportunity to worship and pray with their colleagues outside of their routine. The next two camps were for the students, one group had 71 kids in it and the other had 69 kids. The kids had a great time of adventure by the lake, studying God's word, and receiving blessings and prayers from our staff. Our summer camps give the students an opportunity to stay focused on God even when they are on their summer break. Our camp workers were very well prepared for the camps and helped the children to strengthen their relationships with Jesus and continue building Christian values in these lovely children, who love God so sincerely. Every year we receive great feedback from students' parents after the camps and we are so happy to serve families in Kyrgyzstan and we thank you for supporting our ministries that change children's lives every day!

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