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Exciting News!

If you have been following our updates, you might know that we started a partnership with Global Life Enrichment Center (GLEC) from Irvine, California last month to help financially support and oversee one of our schools - International University of Central Asia (IUCA). GLEC will fully take over the university in 2019. Representatives from CASA and IUCA visited GLEC a couple of weeks ago, GLEC did a great job organizing a fundraising dinner by sharing IUCA’s vision. We had a full house at the event, and even had to bring some additional chairs, about 60 people attended the event. We were very inspired by God's word, which was shared by Pastor Susan Chou (GLEC founder and a good friend of Elder Yang). We were also very touched by Mitch Yang's speech (President of EtherWAN). Mr. Mitch Yang made a commitment to donate $1,000,000 to IUCA for developing a business school at IUCA, to be named after his son, Daniel Yang, who passed away from cancer, and whose biggest dream was to become a missionary. Mitch Yang is also planning to take early retirement in order to spend time working on the business school at IUCA. As Mitch said, $1 million is not much and we will need a lot more to invest in a project that will change not only the student, but the entire country of Kyrgyzstan. We are very happy that one of our schools is going to flourish and grow into something big,that will have a huge impact on many people. We are very happy for IUCA, but we still need to continue funding our secondary schools and the orphanage. We ask for you to consider supporting us so we can make our schools even better. Together we can make all our projects thrive and grow into something much bigger than they are now!

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