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Adilia's testimony

Here's a letter from one of our students - what a great testimony!

My name is Adilia. I study at the School of Blessing, I am in the 6th grade. And I love my school! When I first started studying here, I was the girl who wouldn't be able to make friends with anyone: I was neither polite, nor careful. I was such a pugnacious tomboy. No one would want to be friends with me because of my personality. Studying here I learned how to be kind and hardworking, I found out that there is a different life - there's happiness, dreams, friendship, compassion, and love. Before I came here I thought that school was a boring and a useless thing, but now I know that I was wrong. My teachers had a really hard time with me, but they were so patient and treated me with love. I really like my school and I am sure when I grow up I will still remember my school and will always love it. It is a great school, where the students are loved, and even the naughty kids are helped to become better people. I just wanted to say THANK YOU to my school and to everyone who helps my school. I am very grateful!

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