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Well done, good and faithful servant!

The funeral of Elder Yang was held on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at CityFirst Church in Rockford, IL. People from all over the United States and all over the world came to share their memories of Captain Yang and pay tribute to this amazing man. It is very sad for us to lose him here on Earth, but Captain Yang is now with the Lord. He was such a great man, who gave everything he had to share God's love with the children of Central Asia, and just as in the parable of talents, he maximized his talents to honor God. Elder Yang was a good and faithful servant to his Master. CCCNJ also dedicated their Feb. 12's Worship Service to Elder Yang, sharing testimonies with the church. There was a big memorial service in Tokmok, with over 300 people: MCCF staff, ex-mayor of Tokmok, Kyrgyz government officials, Elder Yang's friends, students, and neighbors. All of them came to honor Captain Yang and his legacy. Elder Yang always liked to be among people, and loved Kyrgyz food! MCCF staff made his favorite dish - plov (fried rice with meat) for all the guests. Please pray for Mrs. Yang, for God's comfort and peace for her. C.A.S.A. board and staff faithfully continues the work that Elder Yang started and we ask you to pray for God's guidance for the board, volunteers, staff, and of course, the students of our ministry. Butch Rafferty is our current Board President, who is as passionate as Elder Yang in overseeing the programs. He has the full support of the board in fulfilling Elder Yang's vision to spread the gospel to the forgotten children of Kyrgyzstan. We continue collecting donations for Elder Yang's memorial fund. If you would like to give a donation in honor of Elder Yang, please, send a check to 1622 Fairview Ct, Rockford, IL or give an online donation:

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