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One of our "School of Blessings" teachers, Irina Shangutova, shared this testimony with us

I have been working at the "School of Blessing" for almost 8 years. There were big changes in my life during that time. First of all, I identified the purpose of my job, which was to lead the younger generation, just like Jesus led people to know the truth. Our schools give us an opportunity to grow not only academically, but also spiritually thanks to morning prayer services and Christian seminars. I became well aware that it is necessary to think about spiritual growth, because a person who is strong spiritually can positively influence people. I accepted Jesus Christ in my heart and know that He is my Savior, and I want to tell this truth to the children. My older kids grew up in this school. Thanks to the work of teachers, my eldest daughter is now a member of the church and is very involved in our youth ministry. My son attends the church services as well. If they didn't go to the "School of Blessing", my job as a mother would be a lot more difficult. I would also like to note that the people who work with us, build healthy relationships with the team. We learn to forgive and stay out of conflicts. The school really helps me to be a better person.

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